Thursday, May 15, 2008

Purple day

Today was a purple day - a purple arch for Carol (which is more purple than it is in the photo, though it's less purple than the postcard on the right) for the arch swap, and a purple and plum postcard for Ati, for the colour challenge on Textile Challenges. I am really enjoying these arches - both making and receiving - the shape is just different enough from what I normally work with to be challenging, but not big enough to be intimidating. Anyway, I've used hand-dyed fabric for the background, then stitched it with a flame pattern in metallic thread (only one breakage - hoorah), added a strip of sheer fabric (behind the hand) and some yarns. Then I added some metallic elements - the sun shape is cut from thin copper foil, and the three shapes with three circles I bought from Julie's etsy shop. Then there's the hand, some stars, some purple mesh, a wooden ring from the junk I got from my mother yesterday. And eyelash yarn. Where would I be without eyelash yarn?

The postcard just has two colours of fabric on it (plum and purple), separated by eyelash yarn in variegated purple - some other yarn couched down, some charms and another, different colour of eyelash yarn around the outside.

And the other thing I did was to do the next clue in the mystery quilt which I am doing - a short one, this time, which is fine - I like the fact that this mystery has lots of small sections - makes it really simple to keep up with it.

Only a few more until I figure out what it will be like. Who knows, I might even try another one someday, leaving aside my control-freak tendencies!

On another note, I see to be having trouble sending email to one or two people (but not everyone) - if you leave a comment and your email address shows (rather than appearing as I will usually respond, so if you haven't had a response, it's likely it got lost in the ether. I had this trouble with one or two people on the ALQS swap - apparently there are a few addresses which simply don't want to receive mail from me. I might try using one of my alternative email addresses (like the gmail one) to respond to a few people from now on - what a pain, though!

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Helen in the UK said...

Great purple arch! I must get cracking on my mystery too - only a small step, but one I haven't done yet :)