Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Goodies in the post

Lots of nice post today, which was a welcome thing, when I got home from my long, tiring (but fun) day on the class trip to the Lookout Discovery Centre with the reception classes. I got a "Q is for" postcard from Denny ("quilt" - an idea I toyed with myself, before discarding it eventually, thinking that perhaps everyone else would do it) and another birthday block (again with the whole blue and purple not photographing well), this time from Faye, along with a lovely fat quarter.

And I got this lovely arch - the next in my series of arches for the year long swap - this one is from Lyn, and is very simple in some ways - black and white, with an interesting silhouette and some stitching.

I haven't started on my arch for May yet - I have a few ideas floating around but haven't really got anything firmed up - maybe next week. I'm really enjoying working with this shape - and am very glad I joined the swap.

And the final thing I got in the post was the pieces from my styrofoam stamping swap - there were only five us in the swap, so I got one of my pieces back (but won't show it, as I've showed them before) as well as pieces from (from left to right) Marijke, Becky, Wil and Kelly.

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artisbliss said...

I've really enjoyed seeing all the versions of the gothic arch swap. I like the quilt card, too, but I can see why you'd think maybe everyone would have had that idea.