Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Birthday Block Swap - Wanna play?

So, some of you are already playing along with the birthday block swap I am hostessing on; some of you might not be aware of it and might like to join - here's how it works
  • pick your own theme - what kind of block or theme would you like? you choose - you can have a specific block or just a general theme ("stars", "the ocean", "football teams") or even just colours
  • only one block to make each month - the swap lasts for a year, but you only have to make one block each month, so it's not very much work
  • happy birthday to you - in the month of your "birthday" you receive blocks from all the other players in your group

There are spaces left in the 12 player group, a few spaces left in the 24 player group (which is 2 blocks per month) and spaces left in the advanced group (the blocks/themes are allowed to be a little harder in this group). The beginner group is full, but the 12 player group won't be VERY hard... I would really like to fill all the groups - I know a few people in some of the other groups would be happy to take a space in another group, but I'd like to offer the spaces to new people first. Please email me or leave a comment here if you are interested.


Vicky said...

I would be interested in any if the groups, even the advanced. Feel free to wait and put me in where you need me at the end.

Kentanner11 said...

I would love to do the beginner group ... but I have never done a swap before- I know that is one of the rules so are you doing any that I could get my door in the door with?


Tanner at

anne bebbington said...

Oh go on Kate - you've persuaded me - I'm not sure if I'm up to the advanced group as piecing isn't always my thing - put me where you think I should go - I'll happily make two blocks a month if you like - you know what they say - if you want something done ask a busy person!

janet said...

Hi Kate
I am interested too please. The only swap I have done is with some fellow BQL members but I can let you know who with if you want to contact them. I would like to do the one block per month please, not the advanced.