Quilt Gallery

Scrapbuster Quilt, January 2013

Scottie Dogs, December 2012

Hawaiian Shirt Quilt for Barbara, November 2012

Nadia's Quilt (Commission), September 2012

Blue and Brown Quilt for Wendy, June 2012

Around the World Quilting Bee, January 2012

Autumn Sampler Quilt, finished August 2011

Oriental Fan Quilt (John's 60th), finished July 2011.

Batik - Bali Hai. January 2011.

Alex's fabric quilt. 44x62". May 2010

Shoe Window Quilt, May 2010

Batik Stars Tablecloth, January 2010

Batik Sampler Quilt, August 2009

Corn and Beans Lap Quilt, June 2009 (this is finished, but don't seem to have a photo of it bound - will try to take one soon!)

Contrary Wife, April 2009 (commission)

Brown and Pink Pineapple (blocks were gifts), March 2009

Angela's Quilt, December 2008 (commission)

Ursula's Quilt, Sept 2008 (gift; blocks made by dyeing group)

Discharge quilt, July 2008 (gift)

Hawaiian Shirt Quilt III,  June 2008 (commission/gift) (again, this is finished, but somehow, there's no photo of it with the binding on)

Hawaiian Shirt Quilt II, June 2008 (commission/gift) (another one with no photo of the finished project - don't know what was wrong with me this month)

Log Cabin Star, May 2008 (longarm quilted)

Brown & Purple with Dragonflies, May 2008 (longarm quilted)

 Hawaiian Shirt Quilt I, April 2008 (commission/gift)