Monday, May 12, 2008

Lovely things in the post

I think I perhaps need to work on my presentation a little - here's an ATC (above) I got in the post today from Pippa - look at the lovely card she has included, and a beautiful little envelope with the ATC inside - puts mine to shame a bit, as all I did was wrap my ATCs in a little protective plastic stuff and throw a moo card in the envelope with them. I have no inferiority complexes about my ATCs themselves, you understand, but maybe I'll start wrapping them in tissue or something to send them...

And I also got this lovely ATC, from Domy in France - look at all the fun beading going on here. I have two ATCs left for trade - one red lady and one flower, if anyone wants to swap - otherwise, I will just hang on to them until the next time around.

Didn't get much work done today, which was expected, between yoga and having my hair coloured & cut, but I did take 15 minutes to cut out the pieces for my next Dear Jane blocks for my swap with Cathi - won't have time to put them together tomorrow as I'm off on a trip with the Reception class (4&5 year olds) but maybe later in the week... If I can stay awake (I've been taking lots of hayfever meds this past week and I think it's beginning to hit me) I might go in the other room, watch something on telly, and work on binding my log cabin (it's about halfway done).


hippopip said...

Kate your ATC is lovely such a beautiful angel I shall treasure many thanks Pippa

artisbliss said...

I know what you mean about presentation. Colored tissue paper is about as fancy as I get.