Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday bits

I didn't do any sewing myself today, but I did have a lovely day full of things relating to sewing (among other things). More on that shortly. The Dear Jane block on the left above is the latest block Cathi has made for me (well, actually, she's just finishing another one up now, so I'll have two to catch up on) for our little swap - she actually gave it to me last night, but I had already taken all the photos for my blog, so I thought I'd save it. And the postcard at right is N is for Ninepatch, from Beth.

Also in the post were the buttons and washers at the left, from Anna, as part of her latest challenge. I have to make an ATC for her by the end of March. I have a few ideas to play with, and will probably make a set of ATCs rather than just one, so might have several to trade... Watch this space - but not for a few weeks. The shib0ri cloth at the right, I bought in a charity shop for £1. It's quite a big piece, maybe about 25-30" square. Bargain!

I had lots of fun with charity shops today (though I didn't buy a lot - a few shirts and some books for the kids plus some Thunderbirds videos for Alex at 49p each) - this is a favourite thing for Cathi and me to do - we've been hitting charity shops together (in three different countries) for nearly 20 years. Today, we took the girls with us, leaving the boy with Daddy at home, and headed to Dorking so we could also make a visit to The Quilt Room. We hit all the charity shops there, then went to Wimbledon and did the same. With a small stop in Lush for some fresh soap - lovely!

Anyway, I didn't buy much in the quilt shop, either - a new blade for my rotary cutter (on my list) and three fat quarters of these great cake fabrics (and the stripe is extra cool) - I gave a half each of the two cake ones to Alex, as I'd promised him fabric for his stash (yes, my 5 year old son has a stash - as do the girls) - I'm thinking I might make some birthday postcards with these fabrics - would be fun, don't you think? I also bought this roll of 20 different 10" squares (I can only see 19 in the photo, but there are definitely 20 - one must have slipped underneath) - they aren't Japanese taupes, they are from a range called Zen, by Makower - which means that they were a much nicer price than actual taupes (which I do love, anyway). A nice day, and some nice finds. Tomorrow - group sewing!


Karol-Ann said...

Cathi's block is neat. Sounds like you had a great day rummaging (I mean shopping LOL).
Those cake fabrics are super cool! As one gets older I guess that's the ony cake one should partake of LOL
Ps MY birthday is in April!

Purple Missus said...

When I saw Annas washers then saw your Shibori piece of fabric I thought you had started already :) At first glance the pattern looks like you have sewn the washers or buttons down before dyeing - don't you think?
And another question - do you think that the charity shop finds vary all depending on which area the shop is in?
We don't seem to get anything very exciting in this part of Essex *LOL*

carrie said...

I took a few people to The Quilt Room on Friday. I did spend some (how could I not? LOL)but fortunately for my pocket the fabrics on offer didnt suit what I was looking for. I'll have to remember about the charity shops but Dorking is now in the wrong place for me with all those roadworks etc at Hindhead and it takes forever to get there, let alone home again.

I did like the cakes fabric though