Sunday, February 24, 2008

Journal Quilt Week 15 & more

Today Cathi and I had group sewing day - first she cut her bias binding for her Dear Jane quilt and pressed it, while I worked on the centre for the first round of the Spring Fling Round Robin - which is the block at left, above. It's an 8 inch block, so 4 x 4" blocks -tiny foundation piecing, but I enjoy that from time to time. As long as I don't have to make a whole quilt that way!

Then, she did some hand-sewing - working on the next block for our Dear Jane block swap (though I did say she couldn't leave it with me if she finished, as she brought me one and made another while she was here - see below). I need a chance to catch up now! And I worked on my journal quilt for the week - I wanted to do something to reflect her being here this weekend, so used the old picture of us on the Seahawk, printed onto fabric, and two ticket stubs from Dylan shows we've seen together (recent ones - not sure I have any of the ones from 15 years ago or more!) And of course the theme had to be Tangled up in Blue, which is, if not my favourite Dylan song, at least the one which tends to keep showing up in my life's soundtrack... Plus using that meant I could just pull out blue stuff and apply it!

So I thought I'd also show the orange quilt finished and hanging on Alex's wall - it's just right there, really. Makes me think again about repainting the room a different colour (it needs repainting because it has a border which is peeling off) - maybe we'll keep it orange - if we ever get around to repainting in the first place, that is!


Vicky said...

Glad you like the Convergence enough to hang it in your house. I looks like it goes pretty good with the paint color. I have mine from the Twisted Mystery hanging in my sewing area.

Karol-Ann said...

Love your journal quilt. (Bet Cathi wanted to stick it in her suitcase as it's sentimental to both of you...)

blackbearcabin said...

I absolutely love the journal quilt with the Dylan tickets and old photo! Incredibly creative, and love the colors! What fun! Sounds like you guys had a great visit!
I saw Dylan open for the Grateful Dead back in the 80's...ahhh the memories :) or lack thereof :) hehehehe
Thanks for sharing!