Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Doorways & Archways

So, a variety of stuff to show today - surprisingly, I managed to get a lot done (even by my standards). This afternoon, when we got back from our outing (I'm not doing this in chronological order - so sue me!), I decided to get these cards done - I had the idea of what to do in my mind for a while, so it was just a matter of putting it down on fabric. So to speak. This was for the doorways swap on Fibre Artist International - in the end, they look a bit more like windows than doorways, but the idea is what I wanted to convey - a doorway into an adventure, to far off lands, and so on. The card is very simple - the background is a batik which has been discharged - I got it in a recent discharge swap - then there's a copper door/window from German scrap with different scenes and writing behind each pane. I've then added some stitching in different threads plus a key and a keyhole (which is an actual hole - it goes all the way through). I'm pleased with these, they turned out well, I thought.

I got some post, as well - a surprise arch, from Anna - well, not a total surprise, as I knew she was due to send to me this month (for my arch swap in the Textile Challenges group) - but a surprise in the sense that I didn't know it had been posted to me - I hadn't read Anna's blog in a few days, so I didn't know she'd finished it. Anyway. Isn't it gorgeous? The background is a piece of rust-dyed fabric, with a vintage image and some lovely stars made from a drinks can. Enterprising! You can read a bit more about it on Anna's own blog.

The MTV card is for the 1980's swap, from Monica - the fabric she's picked for the M is perfect, isn't it. I remember the early days of MTV with the flashing changing M... Ah, nostalgia.

I also got the items on left, which look a little confusing until you put them together and end up with the little gems on the right... My little boxes swap!

The first thing I did this morning (well, after having a shower and getting dressed) was to add another row to the scrapbuster quilt from yesterday - I think it needs at least one more row - will add that, perhaps tomorrow, then see if it needs another one after that. I have enough blocks to add several more rows, certainly. Watch this space - as they say.

And finally (both in terms of this post and my chronological day) I managed to sew the binding down on two placemats at my quilt group this evening - so, there we go.


Myra said...

Wow Kate! Lots of pretties in this post. Those doorway cards are beautiful. Where do you get German scrap? I have seen it mentioned on several blogs but haven't seen it around here.

Vicki W said...

There must be more hours in an English day than in an American day! I love the door postcards - very creative.

blackbearcabin said...

i love the doorway postcards too! the colors are great and they are really clever! love the keyhole :)
the Mtv postcard takes me back...i remember when that show first came on...when they actually played music videos ALL the time...and the VJ's Martha Quinn, Nina Blackwood, etc...hehehehe
Im impressed with how many quilts you have finished so far this year...that is my goal as well.
Keep Quilting!

Ruth said...

Love the scrap buster! and the Mtv card.

Guzzisue said...

so busy!!lovely work.

artisbliss said...

Your doorway cards remind me of parts of a commissioned piece I'm working on, called "Through Open Doors."

I've been working on some of the same boxes. The instructions say to straight stitch around the edges but I'm not happy with the way that looks. Did you have trouble with ravelling usin the other stitches?

Julie said...

Yep! A busy busy day! The doorway cards are beautiful. I keep hearing about German scrap can you enlighten me? The scrapbuster quilt on today's post looks great, very colourful when you enlarge.