Saturday, December 01, 2007

Advent Day 1: Wreath

Today's advent item is this lovely wreath. We chose this one to start with because we put our own wreath up on the front door yesterday as well, so it seemed fitting.

In keeping with that, here's a link to some Christmas wreath crafts on And a friend of mine said that what she was going to do with all the Christmas themed inchies she was swapping was decorate a wreath with them, which I think is a fabulous idea - so here's a link to making inchies, if you've never tried it yourself. If you are a regular inchie maker, you might like to check out Inching Artists, where there's a weekly challenge to make inchies (or even just one) to a specific theme. And Joanne in the UK does a monthly inchie swap - the November one is closed now (it had a Christmas theme) but I'm sure she has one in December. She herself does stamped paper inchies, but any technique is allowed.

And now, off to brave the shopping crowds in Kingston, as we need to buy some slippers (and a couple of Christmas presents). More later, I hope.

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