Friday, December 07, 2007

Advent Day 7: Christmas Lights

Today's choice, picked by Grandma Kathy (aka "Mom" to some of us), was these Christmas lights - appropriate as we had to go out today to buy new Christmas lights (the old ones still work, but you can no longer get replacement bulbs for that type of light, and there are too many dead ones - don't get me started on planned obsolescence, it's a pet peeve of mine - to use the chain again) today, in preparation for putting the tree up tomorrow. No work done again today, of course, as Mom and I spent the morning at the school doing last minute Fair stuff, and then went out to lunch and ran our errands. I did finish the angel wallhanging for my secret santa last night, but of course forgot to take a photo of it before I wrapped it up. Otherwise, no sewing. Might do some cross-stitch tonight, but frankly, December will be a really low productivity month from now on... And no links - can't think what to link to!

By the way, the original idea, I may have mentioned, was to make one or two new pictures for the calendar each year, and I do have a list of stuff to make, soem of them more English things which weren't on this calendar as it's an American/Canadian pattern (like a Christmas pudding or a Christingle orange), some things like a snowflake or holly leaf, which I just like, but if anyone wants to suggest an item they think would make a good picture for the calendar, I'd love to hear them - some of them may of course be done already, but I'm sure you'll hit on some I don't have and haven't thought of!


Julie said...

Maybe it will be just the thing for you, a relaxing time with your Mom and the family. You'll probably start the new year raring to go again and full of ideas. Hope you don't get tetchy with not creating though :)

anne bebbington said...

A robin has got to be a must