Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Finished snowflakes

Here's the snowflake quiltlet finished except for the label, which I will do later. I actually finished this last night - and was going to show an in progress picture, with some close-ups, but I can't because our computer decided last night was a good time for Internet Explorer to stop working (not the connection, as other stuff worked, just IE). The computer had been running slow for ages and was in desperate need of some more memory and whatnot as well, so I have bit the bullet and taken it in to the shop for a much needed rest-cure. While also in the shop, I had a look around at laptop computers - we have been saying we were going to get one for some time now (about a year, I think) and so this seemed like a good time to do that, too, especially as we had some money from my step-mom for Christmas presents and whatnot as well. So anyway, here I am, on the new laptop (the keyboard is different and it's making me crazy, though I imagine I will get used to it in time). Hoorah.

Back to the snowflakes - I will share some detail photos later, but the ones I already took are on the other computer, and I am too lazy to go take some more right now. But I think the dark binding worked ok, and there's a sleeve on the back - as I said, it still needs a label, but as I think I want to use the computer to print out the label, I will wait until the other computer is home as it's the one which is easy to attach to the printer and all that. The piece isn't due to its new owner until January anyway, so for once I am ahead of the game.

I have always said if my computer died I'd have to go straight out and buy another one as I can't bear to be away for long - guess I was right! The nice thing is that when the old one comes back, between all the cleaning up and adding new memory and new USB ports and a network card, it will actually feel almost like a new computer as well. Sort of. Hopefully, they won't lose any of my data (they are supposed to be backing it all up and then putting it back on once they reinstall the factory specs). The main annoyances will be re-installing all the bits of software and whatnot. Right, enough about computers, let me go post today's advent calendar!


Vicki W said...

Congrats on the new laptop. We finally bought a second one several months ago because we both wanted the computer all the time!

Your snowflake quilt turned out great. It's a very happy quilt!

Joyce said...

Beautiful snowflakes!
I recently bought a laptop and disliked the keyboard so I plugged a regular keyboard into it when using it at home. I have a wireless keyboard and mouse which I use when I am using the laptop at home. I don't like the lack of a mouse on the laptop either. You can also hook it up to the regular monitor but I haven't done that yet.

Sequana said...

I have my older computer as my "backup" unit should anything happen to this one. *knock on wood*

I would just get the other one out of the closet and plug it in. I don't think I could stand being without very long.

For one thing, I couldn't order my groceries....*S*