Friday, December 21, 2007

Ornaments, etc

This is the ornament I made last night from the free kit from the LQS - the butterfly charm was my own, but it needed something in the centre. The little jumper ornament came from Selfridge's today - couldn't resist, as it was so cute - and as I can't knit, there's no chance I'd ever knit myself a little one. Probably wouldn't anyway, even if I could knit, as I can see this being a LOT of work. There are some more of the ornaments on my tree shown over here on my family blog, if you are interested.

And two more things - one an ornament I made a few years ago, the other, a postcard I got today from Wil for our postcard swap. One of those ones that's a bit hard to photograph, due to the shininess.


Susan said...

As I can't knit either, I really admire the little sweater too! The other ornament looks like one of the flowers from a Kumiko Sumo's "Fabled Flowers" book. I actually made some of these flowers based on origami folds when the book first came out...just never made the quilts!

Later, I adapted one of the simpliest (no machine sewing...two overlapping hexagons with a button center) for teaching children through the South Carolina Arts Commission's artist-in-residence programs in the public schools. It was fun, easy, and something that your girls might really enjoy too. It is great for scraps of material.

Julie said...

I like the ornament you made yesterday. I suppose you wouldn't be interested then in a knitting pattern for lots of miniature sweaters that somebody sent me last week?!! I wouldn't tackle them either - far too fiddly for me! lol

Ruth said...

Nice ornaments, I knit and I wouldn't tackle the mini-jumper, WAY too fiddly!It's very cute though.

Christine Thresh said...

That little sweater (jumper) is so darling. I've never seen one on this side of the pond.