Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas inchies

Another day with no work done - this is because I was able to retrieve my computer (the old one) from the shop - and it works now, though of course, there are lots of fiddly things to be done, like downloading software and so on, which is what I spent part of the afternoon doing. It is also because the kids got out of school at 1.30, so by the time we got back from fetching the computer (and the item of post which had to be signed for, from the local office, which of course is in the opposite direction from the computer place) it was practically time to head to school...

Anyway, amidst all this computer stuff, the post arrived, containing the lovely Christmas inchies above. These are from the swap with Fibre Art Bits. I will get some more Christmas inchies from my surface embellishment group - not sure what I will do with them all when they are here, but I'll think of something. Anyway, aren't they lovely?

And I also got these two lovely postcards - one is for the 1940's swap, and is from Anne R, the other is from Di and is for our Christmas swap - the photo doesn't show quite how sparkly it is, but it's lovely (yeah, I know, I've overused that word in this swap, but it is)... Tomorrow is grocery shopping and face-painting at a birthday party for a friend, so the chance of much work is slim, but you never know!


joyce said...

The inchies are soo cute. I can never manage to do anything so tiny. Whatever I start with, it seems to end up huge.

blackbearcabin said...

Those inchies are very cool...they would look really cute in a frame like the one your mom and you put together! Some of them are really intricate!
Looks like you are keeping busy....what a surprise :)