Monday, December 24, 2007

Two week long giveaway

Just a little something this week for the giveaway - those of you following the advent calendar may recognise this block - this is the first cardinal that I did, before remembering to re-size the pattern to 3 inches instead of 4 inches, so that it would actually fit in the calendar... It has been in with my Christmas stuff for the last few years, waiting for me to do something with it, but I decided this year that as I had so many nice comments about the cardinal, I would offer it up on the blog giveaway. It's approximately 4.5" square, and still has the paper on the back. The right hand side is not malformed, it simply needs pressing!

Anyway, if you would like a chance to win this little chap, please leave a comment before Sunday, 6 January - as I am away at my MIL's without computer access for a few days between Christmas and New Year's, I decided to just make this giveaway last two weeks instead of the usual one.


Becca said...

OOOhhh Kate-I'd love to be in this drawing. My great grandma loves cardinals-that would be so cute to finish of for her. So add me to the pot!


Penny said...

Oh Kate now I really LOVE this one!ah well I will wait and see. hope you have a nice time away.

Ruth said...

So cute! How can you bear to part with it?

Betty Donahue said...

Hi Kate--If I could win your cardinal I would finish it up and send it to Ami Simms for her Alzheimer's auction -- with your permission. I'm running out of ideas.

English Rose said...

he is lovely, don't know how you can even think of parting with him, whatever size he is or should be. course, I'm glad that you are as it gives me a chance to win him. happy new year hon.