Monday, December 17, 2007

Advent Day 17: Apple

No particular reason for using the apple today other than I thought we could all use a little healthy eating. :) And I don't think we put it up last year (we have more than 25 pictures), so I didn't want it to feel too left out!


joyce said...

An apple would probably be a good idea among all the holiday eating. Enjoy.

tirane93 said...

more than 25 pictures? that's an interesting idea. then you REALLY get to have a different advent calendar every year. i like it!

Myra said...

I once saw a gorgeous Christmas tree all done up in gold and burgundy bows with the prettiest burgundy, glittery, glass apples. It has been years since I saw that tree but the apple ornaments really made an impression.

Susan said...

I've really enjoyed finally being able to catch up with your is exhausting! You are one very busy woman. I love the Advent Calendar, all your new projects, and hearing about your life and art in general.