Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Well, lots of nice quilting related presents, and secret sisters and all that kind of stuff. Which is nice :)

Below are two views of a bag made for me by my Secret Santa in one of my groups - isn't it lovely? Great for taking to quilt shows, etc to hold your credit cards and camera and other bits and pieces.

Below is a necklace which I bought from Gina as a Christmas present for me - and next to it, the bag which it came in, which, we all agree, we like as much as, if not more than, the necklace! It's truly fabulous. And on the right, some fabric which I also picked out when I was in San Diego in November - aren't you all impressed I put it aside to be a Christmas present? I am!

Here are some more secret santa gifties - on the left, a quilted cushion in Christmassy fabrics from my BQL secret santa (the made present), and on the right, a selection of goodies from my other BQL secret santa (the bought present) - all of which I like, but in particularl, I like the box at the front right, which is a double sided box to hold lots of little bits of things. Being the type of person who has lots of little bits... well, you just KNOW it will be useful!

I also got three of these little canvasses with easels from my friend Margery - who had mentioned them online a few months ago, but the shop she got them from, there wasn't one near me, so she sent me some for Christmas. Gotta love those RAKs (random acts of kindess). And finally, some more fabric, this also from the secret santa who sent me the bag. Great colours, and I'm sure they will be highly useful. In all, a good haul! Oh, and I did get some presents that weren't quilting related, too - bath stuff, a nice pottery bowl, a thingy to hang in my window, and so on.

Happy Christmas everyone!


Vicki W said...

Fantastic pressies!

Julie said...

Gina's work is beautiful, isn't it? I agree the bag is lovely. Lots of other lovely pressies too. Lucky you! :)

Ruth said...

Great pressies!

SandyQuilts said...

Love the little bag for credit cards, camera and etc. My GD#2 will be going to Europe this summer, she certainly could an item like that. Do you have a tutorial?