Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Advent Day 5: Church with Stained Glass Windows

Today's advent calendar picture was chosen last night by Geoff (DH) - the children were concerned he wasn't going to get equal opportunity choice on the calendar as he has already left for work when we pick the picture in the morning (except on weekends of course). Sometimes we try to theme the picture to the day (like hanging the wreath on the calendar the day we put it on the door, or putting the Christmas Tree on the calendar the day we put it up) and sometimes we just choose something we like. Anyway. Geoff likes this little church, which he finds very quaint and un-English (it doesn't look like an English church, it's true - most of them are of eitherthe old stone buildings with ivy type or the totally non-descriptive built in the 60's type). Anyway, when making this church piece, I chose a batik fabric for the windows to emulate stained glass, so today's links are to a couple of places giving you tips on making stained glass type quilts... Here's one, and here's another which is a kind of round-up.


Thelma said...

This is such a neat and fun project to do. Looking forward to seeing what's picked next.

joyce said...

That church would look right in place in most Canadian small towns.

Sequana said...

He would love it in New England too. You can't make a move without stumbling over one of those little churches. In autumn when they are surrounded with turing leaves, they are even more beautiful.