Monday, June 23, 2008

ATCs to trade; spring quilties

Well, here's a couple of things for today - first, on the left, the purple and pink ATCs which I finished up yesterday - all 8 of these are up for grabs if anyone wants to swap ATCs - let me know.

And I finished the Shades of Spring quilties (robin's egg blue and brown) for that swap - I only needed five, but I wanted to make one to keep as well - not sure which it will be yet, but I'm leaning towards the top right hand one to keep. I want to keep one of the ones with the floral stamped fabric, as I got that in a swap and there's almost none of it left now. But I might change my mind again, who knows!


Julie said...

The quilties are lovely Kate! I haven't any ATCs made at the minute but if you don't mind waiting a couple of weeks (or so!) I'd love to swap with a purple and pink.

Karen said...

I like the bottom right one. If I were you I'd keep one that has Spring in it then 10 years from now when you're looking at stuff you'll remember that it was the "Spring" swap.

Jan said...

I would love to swap an ATC with you Kate ..... if I'm not too late
love Jan x