Friday, August 01, 2008

Stuff to show

Despite spending the day out with the kids at Brooklands Museum, and then the evening having a pizza and DVD fest, as Geoff is up visiting his mother for the weekend on his own (she has shingles at the moment, and so we didn't really think invading her en masse was a good idea), I have things to show today. None of them are really today's work, but so what? Above are the block lotto blocks for August, which I did last week and couldn't show; below is a piece of rust-dyed fabric, which looks lovely and rich and a kind of rusty yellow in person and boring and washed out in the photo, though you can still see the streaking effect from where I hung it on the wash line while still wet and it ran - I really like that. Also below is an "S is for" postcard from Leslie in Australia - I saw a photo of these postcards as she made them - four together (i.e. a while sun) and then sliced apart - very clever idea!

Tomorrow, there will be actual work from me, as we are doing very little, so between arbitrating squabbles, I shall hopefully be left to sew for a good chunk of the day. Perhaps I shouldn't jinx myself by saying that!


Anonymous said...

Those blocks for the lotto are BEAUTIFUL!!! The colors are just splendid!

Papoosue said...

ooh, those lotto blocks are nice! Thanks for your comments on my blog :-) I don't think they do the Kitchen Aid in duck egg blue (that would be gorgeous, wouldn't it?) but they do do a cornflower blue... xxx