Thursday, July 31, 2008


Not much done today - took two of the three kids grocery shopping with me, and that ate up a large part of the day (they were fine, but I just allowed them to look at everything they want to and "help" make decisions, so it took longer than normal). By the time we got back, and all the groceries were put away, it was nearly time to collect Sarah from tennis camp, so we went a little early and played on the playground there (well, I didn't play, personally)... But I did find time for a little work - sewed borders on a couple of pieces - the first is a top belonging to my friend Lana (the longarmer) - she is moving to India for a couple of years - tomorrow! - and just ran out of time getting this piece ready - she's going to do some handwork on it in India in the time between arriving and when her sewing machine gets there. So I put the border on for her today. Pretty, isn't it! And on the right, a narrow black border on the diamond quilt - which I shall now put away until the outer border fabric arrives.

And in the post, this postcard, which is for the Batik Beauties swap - it's from Monica and is a nice little pincushion, even though it did lose one of its jewelly bits along the way.

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sewkalico said...

Well I would love those rose borders! So pretty!