Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Crocheted coral reef

No sewing today, as I took advantage of one of my last days of freedom before school finishes to go up to town and do some stuff without kids - first thing I did was hit the Vilhem Hammershoi exhibit at the Royal Academy - which I thought was great, but then I was a fan to start with. Although I often drag my kids whinging through art museums expose my children to the stimulating world of fine art, I usually avoid the special paying exhibitions as the kids get bored before I feel I've had my money's worth (to be fair to my kids, they actually like art, and don't really whinge, bless them). However, having a child-free day, I not only splashed out for the ticket to the exhibit, but also purchased the additional audio tour - and listened to the whole commentary except on little extra bit about one of Hammershoi's patrons, which I couldn't be bothered to pay attention to. Anyway, it was a great exhibit & I enjoyed it muchly.

I then spent some time wandering through London - up through Picadilly Circus into my old Soho stomping ground (I used to work there), including a quick stop in a nice art shop where I bought one or two things (see below!), a quick bite for lunch (sushi), then a stroll back down through the mildly sleazy parts of Soho (all the sex shops & shows seem a bit dingy and sad in the bright sunshine - I'm sure they must be more exciting at night - I hope so, at any rate!), through Chinatown, around Covent Garden (not through it - too many tourists), across Waterloo Bridge, and a quick stop in the Royal Festival Hall, where there's a crocheted coral reef currently occupying the project space.

It was kind of fun - not worth a trip on its own, unless you are a crochet fanatic, but certainly worth a small detour if you are passing in the general direction.

And on the right, my goodies - some watercolour paper, on sale, not for watercolouring, at which I would be terrible, as I can't draw or paint, but for ATC bases and postcard backs, and so on. Also some inks, also on sale, which I intend to use in combination with said paper to create nice backgrounds for stuff. Found a new push mould I don't have which I thought might come in handy - it's an alphabet - I love my face ones, but most of the other ones I've seen are things which, for me, are not that useful - teddy bears, dolphins, and so on. I'd love some sculptural ones, general textures and motifs, etc. A couple of packs of fimo with metallic effect, for mixing (I need to do some more faces and words soon - and letters, I guess) and two sheets of coloured acetate, which I thought might be useful for ATCs/PCs.

In all, a lovely day out, very civilised and grown up.


sewkalico said...

Sounds glorious! And I loved the 'walk' through London, it brought back many wonderful memories of working there and just wandering (after work, on weekends, in lunch hours...)

Wil said...

You have to give yourself a treat now and than, don't you :-))

Julie said...

Looks like you got a good deal on those inks Kate. Thanks for the look at the crochet exhibit.