Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pink & Brown, Taupe

Several things to show today - not all that I did, as I did make some more blocks for the August block lotto and I can't show them until August, but I did do my journal quilt for the week (unfortunately, it's for the week that ended yesterday!) using some brown and pinnk scraps - it's kind of a weird piece, but I was playing with folding fabric in various ways - some more successful than others.

On the left, though, is something I like quite a bit - this is my quilt for the Challenge Quilts group - the brief this time around was to choose an artist or painting which inspired you and make a quilt from that. I had a very hard time with that brief, and for a long time couldn't think of anything at all that I wanted to do. Then, the other week, I went to see the Vilhelm Hammershoi exhibit at the Royal Academy and I found his paintings really inspiring (ok, I will now attempt to stop using the word inspiring, but it's hard!) . This piece is actually not much like his paintings, but what I have tried to take from them is the sense of colour - he uses a very limited, muted palette - and something of the composition - frequently, his paintings show a female figure, from the back, standing in front of a window or piece of furniture. I have chosen to make the piece very abstract, with the white bars representing a window, and a "figure" standing before it. There is also a sideboard or table with a dish on top of it - sort of. What I wanted to capture was a little of the balance and composition, and I think I have managed that. At any rate, I really like it, and that's what counts. It's a small piece, sort of a4 size or a little larger.

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Vicki W said...

Your challenge quilt is really nice - love your use of color.