Friday, August 22, 2008

Blue and brown on show

Recently I took part in a quiltie swap of blue and brown quilties (6x6") . I really liked the ones I got back of these, and inspired by the colour of the walls, I decided to hang them in the kitchen. That was a whiel ago. Even more recently, inspired by Indigo Blue, who has hung hers in a much more impressive and lovely way (by virtue of framing them) I decided to share them with you here. Ta da. So, there they are! Aren't they lovely? And I have my attention drawn to them all the time, as they hang (as you can see) right by the lightswitches.

And I got these in the post today - more lovely Japanese taupe style fabrics from my fabric club.
I did do some sewing today, but it was to test the October bag pattern, so I can't show it. And tomorrow, I intend to work more on that and more on something else which I can't show and am not even going to talk about. Maybe a little teaser photo can be shown...


em's scrapbag said...

Beautiful fabrics. I love how calming and subtle they are.

Julie said...

The quilties look lovely displayed like that. Much better than put away in a drawer. Thanks for the link to Indigo Blue, I've bloglined it for future reference.