Saturday, August 02, 2008

Unimaginative blog post title

(someday I'm going to get the hang of coming up with catchy post titles - but not today...)

Lots of stuff accomplished today, as the kids got up late and then entertained themselves for quite some time (like until 1pm or later) while I worked upstairs. I only had to go downstairs a small handful of times to settle disputes, cut and toast muffins, look at improvements on Club Penguin and so on. Bless them. As a reward, because it was icky weather out, I took them out this afternoon to see Wall-E (verdict: as good as the hype).

Anyway. Here's what I did - first, a journal quilt as a prototype for the batik beauties postcard swap - and the postcards themselves. I wanted to try a landscape type card - I've never done one before. They aren't quite perfect, but they aren't bad.

Also did nearly all (but not quite) of my centre for the Spring Fling Round Robin - but I'm not going to show the whole thing, even when it's done, as we are restricted to sneak peeks (this is to help keep people from working out which quilt will be theirs, as we have been allowed to specify colour & style preferences this time around). I didn't get any quilting done on the forest challenge quilt, but otherwise, I feel I've accomplished a lot this week, even with the summer holidays wreaking havoc with my schedule.

And even a couple of things to show - a late card - "P is for Pussy Cats" - from Angela and a treasure trove of stuff from The Fruit Pixie - been using a lot of bits and pieces lately, and decided I really needed to boost my stock a little. What's a girl to do?

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous fabrics in your round robin block!!