Monday, August 25, 2008


No, not the weather here (ok, it kind of is) but these postcards, which I made today (actually, I made 5 of them, but only photographed 4 as it works better). They are simply a leafy background with sheer fabric leaves (done with free motion quilting) with captured sequins inside. Yes, I was inspired by Denny's tornado postcard - which is good, as I was looking for an idea what to do for this swap, which is for my dyeing group (we branch out sometimes).

I also managed to put the binding on the Tree quilt - not handsew it down yet (well, not all the way), but at least it's attached so I can work on that this week in the evening - shouldn't take too long as it's only 42" square. The rest of my time today I mainly spent assembling a large model of the inside of a Tardis from a paper kit. Or rather, helping Olivia and Alex do it (which means doing most of it myself, as it was actually fairly tricky). Hey, that's what bank holidays are for, right?

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Karen said...

Nice postcards Kate the girls will be excited to get them.