Thursday, August 14, 2008

Excellent postal day

Welll, my excellent postal day started before we went out to the zoo with friends (and spent the WHOLE day at the zoo) and continued on my return - how cool is that. This morning, the doorbell rang and it was the guy who drives the van bringing around the parcels - it was two things, one was the fabric I ordered from equilter (pic below), the other was the above, which is my little summer quilt from the Four Seasons swap - it came from Louise in Australia and is called The Summer Dress - isn't it great? Almost makes me wish I had a dress like this, too, as well as having the quilt (but a dress like this wouldn't suit me, so it's just as well I just have the quilt). Thanks so much, Louise!
Then I also got this, this evening when we got back from the zoo - it came via the regular postie person, later in the day - it was Mr Scrappy Crow, who I won in Julie's giveaway. He's come to live with me, in my sewing room. Isn't that lucky for me? For him, too, I hope! And there were goodies, as well - how cool is that? The chocolate is somewhat gone (but not entirely), and the other things are happily up in my sewing room.
Here's a closeup - and here are the fabrics I ordered from eQuilter - the batik is due to be a border for my friend Caroline's sister's quilt (the diamond one) - luckily, it goes nicely, I think.


Louise said...

So glad it arrived safely Kate. Enjoy!

Gina said...

What a great post day. enjoy all your goodies

Love and hugs Gina xxx

The Quilting Pirate said...

I love the "Summer Dress"!! What a beautiful a little quilt!!

Good mail days always leave us warm and fuzzy feeling :)

Shasta said...

A lovely mail day indeed. Lots of lovely things.

Julie said...

I'm glad Scrappy got there safely. The little quilt is gorgeous and I love the batiks.