Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lots of things

So, lots of stuff to show today - firstly, I worked on the August arch (just in the nick of time!) - went with a jellyfish theme as my partner said she liked oceans and fish and so forth - and also did myself a journal quilt with the same theme (the colour is a bit off on the journal quilt).

Also decided to do a make-up journal quilt for the week I missed out - what I did was simply print out a composite of photos from this summer onto fabric and quilt some words around the edges - Summer 2008, tennis, picnics, museums, days out, sleepovers, gardens, farms, friends, parties, bikes, cinemas, zoo, castles, shopping, fun. Makes me feel better to have that week covered, and although a lot of those events weren't from that actual week, it's representative of our summer!

And then I did a few ATCs - I knew that cutting up those bases and having them handy would be a good idea. I had about half an hour or so and so I just grabbed a few and added some embellishments.

And then, despite thinking I was finished doing stuff for today, I actually managed to get a bit more done, while supervising Alex's bath (i.e. keeping an ear on him to make sure he didn't a)drown or b)cause a bathroom tsunami) - I started quilting this wee quilt for the 2nd blogversary giveaway! Hoorah.


blackbearcabin said...

Those ATC cards are really the colors! Its amazing what you can accomplish in half an hour....i usually spend that time thinking about what i want to do :) hehehehe
perhaps thats why i dont get much done :)

Sarah Jane said...

Hi Sarah Ann

Just found your blog- Love the idea of a summer journal quilt-must try this too.

Have just started a quilting community website at Please pay us a visit sometime.

Best wishes
Sarah Jane

Julie said...

Your Journal quilt is a lovely reminder of a summer well spent.