Monday, September 01, 2008

Loads of photos...

First, the only thing I am showing today which I actually worked on - my cross stitch, which I forgot to show yesterday. Not bad progress for a week, especially considering that I also used my evening hand-sewing time to do the binding and sleeve on the forest quilt and also worked a bit on the binding for the Hawaiian shirt quilt for my brother & SIL. On the right is where it stood last Sunday, on the left where it stands today (actually, as I type this, it's actually even closer to being done as I have worked on it tonight as well). All that's left is some filling in in the brown sections (which is done now) and the three stars across the top (of which one is obviously done already) and a sort of bannery bit, which connects them.

Not sure which project I'm going to pick up next - I have a Christmas piece I want to work on, but actually, I think I might work on something I haven't actually started yet - it's a Hallowe'en theme and I think if I start it now, I can have it finished by, well, you know - Hallowe'en... (It's just the alphabet with some Hallowe'en bits and pieces around it, nothing too ambitious.)

What's next? Oh, right - this lovely black, white & red Scottie dog quilt which was made by Sue (who doesn't have a blog). A while back, she won a bunch of black, white and red quarter circle scraps in one of my giveaways, and she has built this entire quilt around those bits. How cool is that?

And finally, here's some stuff I got today - first, another machine (it's a little one - a Jem) which my friend Margery was parting with - we went up to collect it from her and spent a nice day out with her at Knebworth House. I also got this lovely bag of bits and pieces which I bought from Helen Suzanne's etsy shop.

And finally, these two lovely awards - both of which were bestowed on me by Genie. Now, you guys know what I'm like about awards - really bad about passing them on, so frankly, I'm not even going to try. But here's what you should do - have a look at the sidebar and the list of blogs I (somewhat) regularly read and click on one or two you've never visited before. Go ahead, it will be fun!


anne bebbington said...

I've always loved that Spooky Row cross stitch pattern - and looking at it - you're right you could have it done for Halloween :o)

Angelcat said...

You've made great progress on the cross stitch, isn't it great when the end is in sight! I love that Halloween Banner!

Vicki W said...

Look at the progress on your cross stitch! Yea!! I worked on mine some during Craft Week but mostly I worked on one particular UFO quilt. I'm very glad to have it almost done.