Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cross stitch, goals

Not a lot to show today, as we had a friend around for lunch (hence I spent some of the morning cooking) and then spent the gorgeous day outside enjoying the sunshine (yes, really - sunshine). But I've made some progress with the birds - last week on the left, and as it stands today on the right - Oregon got finished and Tennessee and Texas completely done.

So, what else happened this week? Lots! But I did get a lot done, as well, which is great. Here were the goals from last week:

  • set of screenprinted fat eights for a swap (deadline 30/9) - done, mostly. I have to iron them still - they were done with paint not dye, so need to be heat set.
  • set of "complex cloth" fat eights for a swap (deadline 30/9) - also done - it's still a single piece, and needs to be heat set, then cut into 8 pieces, but essentially done.
  • journal quilt for the week (deadline 20/9) - this one I didn't manage, though I'll hopefully catch up in the week - used all my free sewing time to quilt Ursula's quilt, which really was higher priority.
  • finish binding Hawaiian 3 quilt - done
  • bind giveaway quilt - done
  • quilt some of Ursula's quilt (deadline 1/10, if possible to go home with my mother (otherwise I have to mail from the UK)) - finished - now just need to bind it.

This week is going to be another busy one, I'm sure - Sarah's birthday is on Saturday, so there's a lot to get doen in the lead up to that, plus my mother and I want to take another day to go back up to town. So, there won't be a lot of quilting type stuff happening, I shouldn't think.

  • journal quilt for the week (deadline 27/9) - and last week's too, if possible
  • bind Ursula's quilt (deadline 30/9)
  • work on September block for birthday block swap
  • fibre & yarn ATC (deadline 30/9)


Vicki W said...

You made some great progress on your birds!

Shasta said...

You are making terrific progress on your birds. I have a bird cross stitch that is a UFO - it takes me a long time to do one of them - I think it is 8 hours per square, and I have to break it up into 1 hour every other day to keep my wrists from complaining. I really should do more on them, because I am more than halfway done.

blackbearcabin said...

what a cool cross stitch! i look forward to seeing that one completed...its very pretty.

i have one i started working on almost 20 years ago...perhaps i should finally finish the damn really is a cute design
my mom saw it years ago, and expresses her disappointment every year its not under the tree for her :)