Sunday, September 07, 2008

Mostly cross-stitch

Here's a couple of cross-stitch things to show - first, I finished the little house and waterfall - there wasn't a lot left to do, but anyway, it's done now. I also started on the Hallowe'en alphabet - this won't take long to do, as actually I have already worked it out to "a" this evening... But I knew it would be a fairly quick one. And while having a trawl through my box of cross-stitch stuff in search of some more black (which I found) I also found this wisteria piece - which is finished, I hasten to add - which has been languishing in there for a while now. I should probably find a frame for it. The photo is a bit light, but the piece is nice, if I do say so myself. I have a number (we won't say which number) of pieces in various stages of work - some fairly far through, some less so - and in a variety of styles, but really, when I choose new pieces (which I shouldn't do anyway) I should pick nice small, acheivable stuff like this - then it would all get done! (You'll see what I mean when I show my long-running Christmas angels piece.)

I did do quite a bit of work today on the Twisted Mystery quilt, which of course I can't show, so it's lucky I have the cross-stitch progress to show. The centre of the TM is done, then I want to add a narrow black border and then another border made up of squares of the various fabrics and a few plainer ones, so I can add some funky themed quilting in them. But it shows every sign of being finished 'ere long!


Vicki W said...

Congratulations on getting one done!

Sarah Nopp said...

You are so good at posting regularly. I just posted to mine for the first time since July 3rd LOL.
And you seem to get things accomplished too. Amazing!

Ruth's Place said...

Love the house cross stitch. I really wish you wouldn't show such lovely pieces though, you are tempting me and I don' t have enough time for the hobbies I do have *vbg*

artisbliss said...

I love cross stitch and used to do a lot of it.

Check out my latest post to see quilts from the Kansas State Fair.

Angelcat said...

Your cross stitch projects look great! That Halloween alphabet is adorable and stitching up so quickly too!