Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Well, technically this particular piece isn't part of my busy day, but as you may notice in the photo, the sun is out (again! I'm beginning to doubt what country I'm living in!) which makes for good photos. So there it is - done. I really like the border - might well do that again with another piece.

The piece on the left is one of Olivia's creations - she came upstairs while I was working and asked if she could make something, so I got out the new little machine and set it up for her - she designed a little quilt and then I helped cut the pieces and she sewed them together. Meanwhile, downstairs, chutney. After the initial chopping and whatnot, it more or less makes itself - I'll let you know in a couple of months whether it's any good or not (it needs to mature - no sarky comments, please!).

And finally, here's what I can show you that I actually did today - I also worked on putting the outside border on the Twisted Mystery quilt, but I can't show that. On the left is an ATC for Textile Challenges - it's an Embellishment Challenge - I got "fibres and yarns" - easy enough as I happen to have lots of fibres. The background is made entirely from couched blue yarns with a few yellow and red-orange ones on top. And eyelash yarn around the outside.

On the right, a journal quilt - again, made with a piece of the complex cloth I made the other day. When my mother and I were working on it (she helped me stamp it) we thought it looked like a seascape, so I went with that - added some seaweed and some fish. And so I'm caught up with the journal quilts. Of course, a new one will go on my goals list for this week! I've had fun with this project, but I think I will be glad when it comes to an end in November. I seem to be busier and busier lately, so it won't be a bad thing to have one less regular committment.


Vicki W said...

I love how the border and binding on your quilt came out! That ones is a big winner.

Judi said...

Once again you did an amazing job. Urusla will love the quilt.

anne bebbington said...

That binding is just the icing on the cake for that quilt - great call!