Saturday, September 27, 2008


Yes, a sewing day - hoorah! Or rather, a sewing morning - the girls went to tennis this morning, despite it being Sarah's birthday (11 - hard to believe - if you want to see the cute baby pic, check out my family blog here) so I had a nice morning to myself, catching up with stuff. Or rather, making a start catching up. I did iron all the fabric waiting to go off for swapping (now just remains to document it) and did this little quilt - 18" square - which will be a leaving present for a colleague of Geoff's. I didn't actually make the block - it was left from a swap some time ago - very handy in this instance as it was quick to quilt up.

I also did one of the journal quilts I needed to do (this is last week's - will try to do this week's tomorrow) - it's made from a piece of the screen printed fabric for that swap - I had an extra. Also did one of the two birthday blocks I owe for September - Julie's fabulous houses. I owe two because the ladies in the swap are stepping in to take over the place of one woman who has some big health issues and had to resign. My month to do the extra block is September - just what I needed (though I don't mind doing two houses, it's just the timing that's the issue...)! Anyway, Julie doesn't mind if I'm a little late, so I don't have to worry too much, but neither do I want to be too late. This one is applique (I just made it up as I went along) and is a 9" block. I think the other one will be paper-pieced and will be 12" (she asked for either size). It's quite a simple block, but effective, I think. Be sure to click through to the larger size if you want to see the flowers, which I think worked particularly well.

I also finished binding Ursula's quilt last night (or possibly the night before) but forgot to photograph it in the good light, so will try to remember that tomorrow. Also need to print out a label for it and attach that, but it's essentially done. Whew.


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I adore the purple block and the quilting is fantastic.

MarĂ­a Isabel said...

i like the your works they are beautiful and the atc very nice.
Greetings from Uruguay