Monday, September 29, 2008

Raiders of the Box Swap

A few fun things to show today - some work was done, too, but it was to finish adding the borders to the Twisted Mystery Quilt, which I can't show you. Anyway, here's the fun stuff.

Firstly, I came home from yoga & a coffee with my mother to find a rather large box had been delivered by the postie (luckily, my builder friend was here wallpapering in my hallway, so it didn't get taken back to the PO substation). I wasn't expecting anything, so was a little bemused, and the return address was no help. So, I opened it and all became clear - it was the box from the Raiders of the Box Swap, organised by Trashalou. Now, I can't show you what was in the box (or the box, which I forgot to take a photo of - if you are interested, Gina did remember when it was her turn...)(, or what I added to the box after I took three items out, but I CAN show you the three items I took out - a selection of vintage lace, a box of selected blue items (beads, sequins, etc) and a pattern for making boxes in the style of Chinese takeaway cartons. The lace was an easy pick (like the second I saw it), the blue stuff was fairly straightforward, but the third pick was a lot harder - there were some lovely things in there and I debated for a while over bits of fabric, more beads, ribbon, interesting yarn and other patterns.

The other thing is an ATC from Paula, who took up my ATC challenge a while back - a great result, don't you think? And she enclosed some lovely charms for me, too.


Paula said...

So glad you received my ATC in the mail. It went out during our evacuation from Hurricane Ike. I wondered if you would get it!

It was fun to make and thanks so much for allowing me to participate.

Tracey said...

Hi Kate

You have a wonderfull blog, Thankyou, amazing quilts ,
Take care

Gina said...

The box swap is great fun - glad you liked the lace. That didn't stay in the box long!

artisbliss said...

AAACK! I've nearly forgotten your ATC challenge! I will finish it and get it back to you forthwith.

Karol-Ann said...

Sounds like that was a fun swap!