Thursday, September 18, 2008

Low fibre content

Didn't do any work today as my mother and I went up to London to do a walking tour with the London Walks company - the Mayfair one, this time. Here are some random photos of some of what we saw...
This window and the ceiling were in the Church of the Immaculate Conception, which is the first Catholic church to be allowed to be built in London since Henry VIII demolished most of them... It's a rather unprepossessing exterior (for a Catholic church, anyway) but the inside is remarkable.
Below is another interior photo, and the garden outside, which is full of benches given by American servicemen who were stationed in London in WWII when this church served as their main church if Catholic.

The organ below is in the Grosvenor Chapel, which is nearby, and was played by Handel, when he was organist there. The windows were on a church near where we had lunch, but I'm not sure the name of the church, I just thought they were pretty.

Many of you reading this may well recognise the building of which the left hand photo is the interior - I do love this building - used to work nearby and went in at lunch time a lot - not even necessarily to buy anything, just to browse the fabrics and whatnot and admire the architecture. [It is, of course, Liberty of London.]
And on the right, red lanterns all over Chinatown. The effect is not even spoiled once one realises that they all have a picture of KungFu Panda on them with the date "July 2008".
And finally, a photo up the river taken from Waterloo Bridge, on the way home - and yes, I couldn't go into Liberty without buying a little something in the quilting department (which is fairly small). I astonised myself by choosing this fabric, which is Kaffee Fasset - from the new collection, apparently. Usually I am not a big fan. also bought some bejeweled ribbon, which I'm sure will eventually be put to good use.


mumzy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful walk and what beautiful pictures. I have never been to London but someday, I really would love to go.

The material you bought love very pretty. Any idea how you are going to use it?

Vicki W said...

When I worked over there I loved going to the Liberty building! It's one of the coolest places in London (IMHO).

Clare said...

Oh oh - jumping up and down waving hands in the air and getting all excited! I used eat my lunch there in the summer. Just off Mount Street and South Audley Street library is by one of the entrances. Tourists don't know it's there and I used to love it for the peace and tranquility. I used to work in Berkeley Square House, then round the corner in Stratton Street and finally in Grosvenor Street.

Last time I was in Liberty there wasn't a quilting dept and they'd shut half the shop down! Not impressed!

kiwicarole said...

Hi Kate! I love it when you go out and about - I get to see some fabulous places! Thanks for sharing!