Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday stuff

First off, apologies for the colour on these top two photos - they seem really washed out, when in fact the yellow is quite strong and the fabric on the right is a bright pink - yes, really. Ah, digital cameras. Anyway, the block on the left is a birthday block for my collection from Stacy and the fabric on the right is a little extra she sent with it - very sweet. I'm really loving these blocks - they are going to make some super quilts - I think it will have to be quilts, as there are going to be lots of them.

These two things came in the post - the left is an ATC - the shape I received in return for my diamond - this is a star, obviously, from Jan. And on the right is a Brown postcard from Sharon.

Nothing of my own to show today - busy day with a cup of tea with friends in the morning, then my daytime quilt group and in the afternoon I spent a lot of time reading email and parcelling up swaps and things to go in the post - amazing how much time that can take. I did finish a little square which will be part of a birthday block but it's too small and uninteresting to show - and it's in the other room anyway...

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anne bebbington said...

Love that blue and yellow block - simple but very effective