Sunday, April 27, 2008

Birthday blocks on the go

Here are one and a half of the birthday blocks I need to make this week. The one on the right is finished -it's three slightly odd daffodils (in that they have purple stems and leaves, but I wanted to use the moss green as a background, so what else could I do?) and a watering can. It's a large block - 15" because I didn't want to set them straight on - but there's loads of space, so if she needs a smaller block, it could readily be trimmed.

On the left is a block to fit into a virtual village - I haven't yet stitched down the top of the spring tree, and I plan to add some windows, flowers, and so on, but haven't got to it yet. Tomorrow, I hope. I know I'd be forgiven for being slightly late on these, but I always feel bad if I don't meet the deadlines. These will be a little late, as it's unlikely they will get there by the end of April.


Joyce said...

Cute blocks you've made. I'm sure you will be forgiven for being a day or two late.

Clare said...

Lovely blocks. I like the house and tree.

artisbliss said...

Really nice blocks. I like the daffodils one especially.