Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All those secret projects...

Well, not much to show today, as although I spent several hours working on a bag, I can't show it - I'll show instead, a sneak peek of the bag, in the form of this one block on the right. Luckily, the bag is for the May challenge, so it won't be long before you can see the rest of it!
On the left is some stuff that I bought in my local haberdashery department, which is so dull I wouldn't normally show it, but the lack of other things to show today made me desperate. It's a roll of craft vilene (the stabiliser I use inside postcards, journal quilts, arches, inchies, atcs and so on - I get through tons of the stuff - I should buy stock!), a 20" zip (for the bag), some sticky patching material (for DH's trousers) and a package of oriental themed paper (which is somewhat interesting, I guess) which was lurking by the counter and tempted me at the last minute.
Tomorrow I intend to finish the bag, but then hopefully I will have some other things to show as well - though I might work some more on my quilt for the miniature booty swap, which I can't show, either!

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artisbliss said...

Great color choices for the bag block.