Sunday, April 20, 2008

Goals & giveaway winner

And now, all the admin of my week... First, my goals for the week. The kids are back to school this week, though the girls will probably be at home on Thursday, as there is an NUT strike that day, and both of their classes are affected. I was going to take them somewhere for the day, but Sarah is doing a bike road-safety awareness course in school over the week, so they are allowed to come in for the bike lesson (1-2.30pm) as it's not run by their teacher but by the local council. So while we might go out in the morning, we can't do an all-day thing.

But even so, I should have a lot more time to myself to do stuff than the past few weeks, which is nice.

Last week I did pretty well, but then again, I didn't aim too high. Here was my list for the week:

  • journal quilt for the week (deadline 19/4) (finished, used brown theme, as with other stuff for the week)
  • make a start on a set of brown themed postcards for a swap (deadline 30/4) (finished these cards, ready to post off)
  • Shape lottery ATC (just one ATC - should be able to manage it!) (deadline 30/4)(yep. brown again!)

So for next week, I can aim a little higher, or at least aim for some different things - I have a lot to get done before the end of April, but I think I will manage. I hope!

  • work on quilting the second Hawaiian shirt quilt
  • do stamping swaps for Dyehard and Surfacing groups (deadline 30/4)
  • work on April arch for Arch swap (deadline 30/4)
  • complete at least one birthday block for Birthday block swap (deadline 30/4)
  • work on quilting "Beach" challenge quilt (deadline 1/5)
  • journal quilt for the week (deadline 26/4)

And I think that's quite enough!

Now, the part you really care about - the giveaway winner...there are ten comments posted, so here I go off to a random number generator and the winner is...6. Otherwise known as...Brandy. Congratulations, Brandy - send me your postal address and I will send the block your way. New giveaway tomorrow.


Lynda said...

I am amazed and awed by your having weekly goals - and achieving some of them! I'm such a waster that I'm lucky if I achieve anything substantial!
Go girl!

Karol-Ann said...

So pleased you're back - you were missed!