Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bags of fun

Making up for not posting yesterday, by posting twice today, including one with a reasoanble amount of stuff to show (though actually, one of the things I did today, I can't show yet). Firstly, here's what came about 8am in the post - my bag from the bag swap that Barbara organised. And it was loaded with lots of goodies - in fact, not sure how she managed to fit them all in. The bag is from Weronica in Sweden and I love the fabric, even if the bag is probably a little too glam to suit my incredibly boring mumsy lifestyle! But I like it a lot so I will use it anyway. Inside was some tea (the large canister), some sweets, a tray, some sticky gold trim, a quilting record book, a kit to make a lovely bead necklace and a covered tape measure - when you press the purple flower on top, the tape measure retracts. I've seen these done before, but have never got around to making myself one - and now I don't have to - yippee! Anyway, a great bag and a great bunch of treasure - thank you Weronica.

And I did some work myself today, as well. The first thing I did, I can't show - I made 8 blocks for the May Block Lotto on, but as it's still sneak-peek only for the May Lotto, no photo there. One to come when May comes - sooner than I can believe anyway - where did April go? I also did three last blocks for the April lotto (I had done 5 before; there's a maximum of 8 each month; I usually do the maximum as it's more fun that way) - they are shown on right. These are 6" blocks, so quite small. Nice for using small scraps.

And then, I decided to put together the orange blocks from the orange block swap - I decided they'd make a nice baby quilt, and as I'll be needing more of those before too long, it seemed a good time to put them together. I had 11 of them, so I had to make another one first (middle block, 2nd row) and take one apart and reconstruct it slightly (one piece in backwards). I decided to sash them, partly because sampler tops work better that way and partly because I thought the top needed a little bit of another colour or two.


Karol-Ann said...

Wow! That really is a fantastic load of loot you got spoilt with! Mummy's are allowed to be glam sometime (I hope!)

Helen in the UK said...

Love what you've done with orange blocks :ny