Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A whole lotta Tuesday going on

Well, I have lots of photos to share today, even if I don't feel like I got a huge amount done. I finished off the K is for... cards, which I had printed the fabric for ages ago, just never got around to finishing. They will go in the post tomorrow, as the glue on the jewel star wasn't quite dry today when I made a trip to the PO to send out everything else I had. The photos showed better in Picasa than when printed, but I think they are still kind of fun.

And the other thing I made was this little set of pink inchies for the Inching Artists challenge "monochromatic" - they are not as glaring pink as they appear in the picture - I may try to get a better photo in better light, if we ever get such a thing - the light at the moment is not great, as everything is grey and drizzly and horrible - makes a (not very pleasant) change from my week in San Diego!

That may be all I made, but I did receive lots of things in the post today - two postcards (actually, the black one came yetserday and I forgot to blog it) - the lace is for the L is for... swap from Annette; the black one is from Flischa for a swap called mostly black, , which I need to do my cards for as well - maybe tomorrow, if I have time.

That's not all that came in the post, though - I also had these two orange blocks, for the orange block swap (they are early - the swap isn't due until January). I've made two blocks so far, need to do about 10 more, I think. But it's not due until January... These are from Megan and Mary S.

I also got this lovely selection of sunprints, from my sunprint swap with my dyeing group - woo hoo, more funky fabrics to use!

And last but not least, I got these two selections of goodies. On the left is some stuff from Annie, who I sent some clay faces to recently (I got the better end of this deal, I think!) and on the right is some birthday presents from my friend Lana - I especially like the "inspiration pack" which is essentially, a baggie of bits - one of my favourite things ("bits", that is). What a nice day for stuff.


Myra said...

What a great idea for your "K" cards, they look fantastic. Love your pink inchies too.

Dorothy said...

Oh, I missed your birthday yesterday! Hope it was super. :o)

Shirley Goodwin said...

Lovely stuff, Kate!