Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday thrills

So, it might look like I got a lot done today, but looks can be a little deceiving - both the Hawaiian shirt quilt top at the left and the autumn one on the right were mostly done the other day, but only photographed today. And the one on the right is still in block form; they aren't joined up yet. Looks nice, though, doesn't it!

I did do some real work today, though - first I edged some Christmas postcards, but got really bored with that after half a dozen or so, so I decided to work on the 3 leaves, 3 techniques swap - the idea being to represent the same leaf using three different techniques. Which begs the question of whether attaching a skeleton leaf is a technique, strictly speaking, but as that's where I got my shape from, I decided it counted. The other techniques are free motion embroidery and foiling with glue (onto a different piece of fabric, which was then trimmed and sewed on). The bottom right card is a little different as it was the first one I did - but I didn't like it as much, so I changed what I was doing. I think the two where the foiled leaf is at left bottom are the nicest composition - live and learn!

On the right, another Christmas card - this one from Annika - and the shinyness of the angelina and the envelope mean that it doesn't photograph brilliantly - it's a much nicer card in person. And Annika also included a little package of bits - bits are always fun!

Just wanted to list my final list of people I am swapping Christmas cards with - if you get a card from me and didn't think you signed up to swap, don't panic - I am sending some cards to other people for various reasons, including that famous reason "just because". But here's the list of swappers - a few of these went out in the post today, the rest will go out later this week and next week. They should all be posted by the end of next week.


cindyforeyes aka cindyiscrafty said...

I can't wait to see it!

atet said...

The quilt tops are lovely and the leaves work for me! I'm in the 4 seasons swap as well -- now to just figure out what to make!

Ruth's Place said...

Love the quilt tops, especially the reddish one!

Julie said...

Your two quilts are looking good!
I like the leafy cards and most particularly the one bottom right. Oops! That's the one you're not so keen on! I agree, I amswapping with you. I've had the card sitting in front of me for about 2 weeks trying to decide what else it needs! lol

Annica said...

Glad you liked the card!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed seeing your quilts.

kaye wood