Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Goodies galore

Well, maybe not galore, but it was a nice day in the post - a few Christmas catalogues, which were promptly recycled, and these two postcards (below - for the mostly black swap, from Diane and ) a package from Susan. Now, I knew there was something coming from Susan, as she had to ask for my address, and I did think there might be an ornament in it, as I knew she'd made some and would likely have extras, but that didn't prepare me for 1) how great the ornament looks in person - the photo doesn't really show all the lovely embellishments and shiny bits and other stuff - and 2) the Christmas postcard and the two fabulous bookmarks, which are so simple and yet so fabulous at the same time. What she's done is take a bunch of interesting fibres, sew them down to an interesting bit of heavy paper and add leaves/feathers, leaving some of the fibres loose at the top for a tassle. Sometimes the simple ideas are really the best, and these I love. They deserve a place of honour, so I have put one into Jane's book (The Gentle Art of Domesticity), which I am reading a little at a time to savour it and the other into my Nancy Crow book, which ditto. Thanks again, Susan, I'm really pleased with it all.

And of course I love the (mostly) black postcards, too.

I did do some work today, but no photographs to show - what I did was add sashing to a number of blocks which I am helping a friend assemble for a purpose which isn't Christmas but which is a secret, so I'm not going to show them. Maybe later. Anyway, it wasn't that exciting, though the fabric is very pretty. At the same time (or rather, in between adding pieces of sashing) I also put away a bunch of the bits and pieces which have been accumulating on my sewing table. How exciting is that. But it has to be done, or chaos takes over. As I'm sure you all know (in principle anyway, if not from personal experience - though I've seen photos of some of your workspaces!)


Vicki W said...

You sure do have a great mailbox! You are right, those bookmarks are really wonderful!

Penny said...

I love seeing what you get in your mail box.the Christmas ornament looks really lovely and what a brilliant idea for bookmarks.
Not going in your giveaway this week as I dont quilt but perhaps next time.

Doreen G said...

Wow lucky you and the bookmarks are an innovative idea aren't they

janet said...

I just love the cat postcard!

Ruth said...

Great bookmarks, and how cool is that black cat postcard!