Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bright idea

Not a lot to show today, as I had to spend most of the day cleaning my house (bummer). Usually, you understand, I have people who come in and clean for me - don't get me wrong, I have to do all the day to day stuff, but every two weeks, two sisters come in and do the hoovering, dusting, clean the bathrooms, kitchen floor, and so on. This was one of the first things I decided to spend my money on when I took on some child-minding for a friend a few years ago - it's like buying extra time :) Anyway, they have unexpectedly had to go home (to Poland) because their mother is ill, so I am doing my own cleaning, and hoping their mother gets well - it sounds serious, sadly. But due to the cleaning, I didn't really spend any time sewing, except a quick foray to test if my idea for the "starts with L" swap (which came to me, I kid you not, in one of those cartoon moments - yes, that's right - the ones where a lightbulb goes on over your head..). Good news is, the lightbulb idea works well. Hard to see in the photo as there are two layers of sheer fabric - inside is a piece of wire, twisted to look like a lightbulb filament (sort of). And the screw part is made from kitchen foil & silver metallic thread (note to self - change needle before attempting to sew anything else!). The filament wire shows really well in person on the card, but not so well in the photo - only to be expected with all those sheers and shinies.

And speaking of shiny, got my first postcard from my Christmas swap today - this one is from Doreen in Australia, who is obviously more on the ball than I am :) Thanks Doreen! My cards will probably go out towards the end of next week, for those of you swapping with me.


cindyforeyes aka cindyiscrafty said...

Thanks for the head's up. Mine was finished last week and I was waiting a bit to mail it to you so as not to arrive too early.

I am really pleased with it and hope you like it, too.

Julie said...

Very inventive Lightbulb! I like it. Your Christmas card swap from me is a work in progress - must move it up my Todo list.