Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thursday's things

Another nice day's worth of post, which is great, as I don't have any sewing to show for today. I should have taken a photo of my cross-stitch piece, which is nearly done, but I didn't before and now, I can't want to (this is my favourite saying of a friend's little girl - or rather, she is 10 now, but she used to say it when about 3 & her mother and I still use it all the time). What I got was a birthday present of a cool bag and a cross-stitch pattern creation CD from Karol Ann, the new Quilting Arts, and two postcards - confetti from Myla and mostly black from JoAnn - doesn't it go nicely with the QA cover? :) It was great to get a birthday present from Karol Ann, though slightly sad to get it in the post, because we were SUPPOSED to meet up in London next week before she heads out to South Africa for the winter, but unfortunately, we've had to cancel that meeting as she won't be able to get down to London until the last minute. Bummer. Maybe next time, though.

Forgot yesterday to send you all off to look at Susan's blog when I was showing my goodies from her - do go look, she does amazing stuff. I'll go back and edit the link now, but thought I'd mention it here, too.

I do have a good reason for not sewing, which is that I went to Ikea to get a new (bigger) dresser for Alex, partly because his is only a small 3 drawer one anyway, and partly because we needed to move the 3 drawer one downstairs to serve as a table for the gerbilarium we will shortly be acquiring. Yep, we are getting gerbils (yes Jane, if you are reading this, we have now decided on gerbils - one each, rather than a hamster. Everyone seemed to agree that as small rodents go, that was the way to g and the kids liked the idea of each being able to pick and name one). They are sort of a Christmas present, but because I don't really like the idea of pets being Christmas presents (pets are a responsbility not a toy, yadda yadda), we are getting them before Christmas, with the understanding that there won't be lots of presents from Mummy & Daddy under the tree.

Anyway. Went to Ikea to get the dresser - no traffic, very little queueing at Ikea, so I actually did that whole trip in under two hours, which meant I had time to assemble the dresser before the kids came home and wanted to "help", which word I use advisedly! And once I got that assembled, I could move his clothes to the new dresser, move the old dresser downstairs, move the bookcase which was where the old dresser needed to go, move the smaller bookcase which was where the larger bookcase needed to move to - well, you get the idea. Amazingly enough, I did actually get all that stuff done before dinner (though I did have to go get the kids towards the end of it all - but it was ok when they got home - they didn't want to help as there were large carboard boxes to play with). I did not, however, have any time to sew. This will no doubt shock you. Maybe tomorrow...


Susan said...

Thanks so much for the nice compliments. More importantly, welcome to the world of rodents. (Please imagine heart-felt applause and several voices shouting "Bravo" at this point!) I am ever so glad to be past the days of these pets. We have had a hamster, several gerbils, and then a killer rat...yes, it was suppose to be a gentle, tame, pet but it wasn't. Of course, the rat lived almost forever. We were all afraid of it. It bit...drew blood and everything. Cleaning the cage required a weekly team effort. Mathias, Alex, and I had to work get "Jacqueline" (what a lovely name for a killer rat!) to climb to the top of the cage in order to get the bottom off for cleaning and then to get it all back together again. Eventually, the rat died...a long, painful death...over three days. We couldn't set the creature free; we couldn't put it out of its misery; finally, she had no energy to bite and I held it in my hands to the end. We all cried and have missed it. It was an experience for all of us. Both boys learned alot. They definitely learned how to care for an animal and be kind and gentle...even to one you wished you didn't have! Years later, we still laugh about that rat and all those gerbils. It was an adventure. I hope you and your kids have as much fun as we did!

atet said...

It does shock me -- but, not all that much! Hey, everyone has a day where the rest of "life" catches up with them! Oddly, it makes me feel better about my own lack of creative work. Then again -- I cooked a turkey, made side dishes, and had to clear off my sewing spack in the interest of eating Thanksgiving dinner at the table rather than in the living room!

Michelle Frost said...

Wow, you have been busy..

I'm not surprised that you haven't had time to sew :-)

and as atet says, it is good when you hear of others who are having the same problem as you.. "not enough hours in the day"..

Keep up the fabulous work..

Michelle :-)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Yes...I'm reading this!! :o)
Glad to hear the children are excited about their new members to the family. I'm sure you will have lots of fun with them.
Glad you managed to move all that furniture!! My goodness you must be superwoman with arms like Popeye! LOL