Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday: work done, winners drawn, pay it forward (again)

Well, spent most of the day sewing of one sort or another - my favourite kind of day. Of course, I didn't ONLY sew - I also helped Olivia with her lottery project homework and listened to Sarah's spellings and sentences, and did laundry, and so on and so forth. But I did manage to fit a lot of sewing in there.

First thing I did was to finish up two sets of postcards - the 1930's card from yesterday, which are overdue, and the mostly black cards, which are due today (which means tomorrow, as you can't post them today). I did mine mostly black with some teal blue in them.

The art deco cards look essentially the same as yesterday, but with edging...

The other thing I did today, because I am peripatetic by nature (in terms of my art, anyway) and simply can't resist starting new things, even when I haven't finished old things, is start making some blocks from the fabric I got as a birthday present, from my trip to San Diego. These blocks are actually only partly finished - there will be one more round on each one. And I have some more in progress, too - there will be 16 total. But you get the idea of how they will go together and the secondary patterns they will make. It will be a lap quilt, though I wouldn't hold my breath in terms of it getting quilted real soon - this is me, after all. [Weird thing happened with this photo on the left - blogger wouldn't upload it, nor would flickr, and when I tried to open it in one of my image processing programs, it said "unable to open non-graphic file" (it should have been a jpeg - it was labelled .jpg and was just downloaded from my camera at the same time as all the rest of the photos in today's post). So I opened it in Paint, saved is as a jpeg and tried again - and then it worked fine. Computers are so weird.]

The photo on the right is a piece I received in my complex cloth round robin. It's only had one person work on it after the original piece of fabric, but it's so lovely, I find it a bit hard to know what to do with. At the moment, it's telling me it wants sequins sewn on in some of the blank spaces. Luckily, this piece is on the surface embellishment group so we are not restricted to painting and dyeing - a good thing with this piece, I think.
Next order of business, the giveaway draw for the magazine from last week - winner, courtesy of DH, is Sequana (again!). Well done Annie, the magazine will be on its way to you later this week. Tune in tomorrow for something seasonal and (I hope) interesting.
And finally (congratulations if you are still reading this far down the post), I have signed up for another Pay It Forward swap - this one was on Sandra's blog, and the terms are the usual - if you are one of the first three people to express interest, I will send you a piece of handmade Kate art stuff, in return for you promising to offer the same on your blog. You have six months to get your promised goodies to your recipients, though I am going to offer something slightly different - I will send you, if you like, a handmade Christmas ornament as my pay-it-forward. If you would prefer to have something different, that's fine, I'll send you something else, but it might not be until January (which is still well within the six month limit). If you opt for the ornament, I will post straightaway so that you can hang it on your tree this very year.


Julie said...

Sounds like a busy day again Kate. The mostly black cards are lovely, the touch of teal is beautiful. The complex cloth is lovely, I would think sequins would be just the job. It must be tempting to keep working on these pieces but I would imagine it gets harder to know what to do if you receive it further along the line. I would always be worried about spoiling someone else's piece.

Julie said...

Have you noticed how people don't comment when you put up a "pay it forward"? *LOL*

kimmi78 said...

Kate, I would love to be a part of your PIF. It will be up on my blog soon.