Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Plaid Bow Ties

Only a little time to sew today, amidst a bunch of errands this morning. Maybe a little more tomorrow, though as the groceries are being delivered, I will probably lose a large amount of time putting them away - it always seems to eat more time than you think it will! Anyway, the one thing I did manage to get a chance to do was these plaid bowties for the January block lotto - there are 9, and the purple one really is a plaid, though it may not look it from the photo... They are very quick to make, and would make a nice baby quilt in scrappy fabrics, I think. Maybe one for The List.

Nothing else to show - I did receive some postcards, but haven't photographed them, so... I will either photograph them later in the week, or more likely, it will slip through the net!


mumzy said...

I do love the plaid bowties. I agree with you, it would make a nice baby quilt especially with bright children materials.

Anonymous said...

your bows are looking great,
hope your day today is a great one,
take care

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog. I just completed a bowtie quilt for my father. I can't tell how yours is put together in the middle but my pattern called for twisting the middle and sewing it. It makes the middle look kind of puffy like an actual bowtie. Yours looks easier than that.I also made my bowties out of plaid in a dark color.


sewkalico said...

Thanks for the link, I have an Aunty who has been going on and on about bowtie blocks. When I can sew again, I might make her a few to show her the pattern..