Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For the birds

Five ATCs for a swap on FAT (Fibre Art Traders). The theme is "For the Birds" - and I used these lovely birds - I've used one once before on an ATC - they are taken from some paper napkins I found in Sainsbury's. I used fusible interfacing behind them to give the tail some shape where it hangs off the edge, and also to stabilise the main body of the bird so I could FMQ it to the background. The backgrounds are a variety of pre-prepared ATC bases cut from various bits and pieces of technique trials, leftovers, discarded projects and so on.

I lalso tried to accomplish the last January item in my sidebar goals today (baste the brown pineapple quilt), only to discover that the large bit of batting I have is about 4 inches too narrow down one side - I don't really have enough bits to piece around it, so will have to pop to a quilt shop before I can do that task. I did piece the backing, though, so at least that's out of the way (only two piece of fabric to put together, but still, it's done).

Oh, and I did spend some time today watching television - in the afternoon, which is unusual for me, but in this instance, well worth it. I won't comment at length here on this blog, but I did say a bit more over on my family blog. Here, I'll just say that I'm sure you all know MY political persuasion - no matter what your own political views are I hope you will all join me in wishing our new President luck in making some inroads into all the serious situations facing both the US and the world.


morningDove said...

love your ATCs and the birds are wonderful. paper napkins-i need to explore the paper products isle.
the marked-off list must be a great feeling.

Ruth's Place said...

They are wonderful!

Just got caught up on your other posts - the cross stitch is lovely too.