Monday, January 05, 2009

Monday bits

Lots of bits and pieces to show today - this will be the last day for a while where I can devote practically the entire day to sewing, so I needed to make the most of it. From now on, Mondays during term time will be pretty much a loss, as I have a yoga class in the morning (doesn't start until next week) and will be working at lunchtime and in the afternoon. I think I'll nominate Monday as the day I show cross-stitch progress - gotta have something, right?

But back to today - I made a couple of Dear Jane blocks for my ongoing swap with Cathi - she's way ahead of me as she was making some samples to teach some of the ladies in her quilt group how to do the template technique. I'm not completely sure I'll catch up, but at least this is a step in the right direction. For those who are interested in such things, these are I-1: Ralph and Nelda's Wedding and K-1: Crooked Creek (the rotary cutter version, with border).

I also painted some bondaweb for a swap - I'll need to do something with it before swapping, but at least the painting is done - a step in the right direction.

I also began working on my "Y is for..." postcards. I chose yellow, as you may have guessed. Perhaps not all that original, but I thought it would be fun, and nice and cheery for Janaury. These are about half done - I'm going to add some embellishments - not quite as muc choice in yellow as in some colours, but I still have quite a few bits and pieces which will work.

That was it for today (a fairly good amount, really) but this evening I got the binding on another little quilt - this photo is much better in terms of colour - has it fairly spot on. I'm very pleased with this - really like the way it came out. Off in the post later this week to a new home!

And finally, to start the tradition of Monday Cross-Stitch update, here's the progress on the little house. I did do a little bit tonight once I finished the binding on the blue & orange piece (didn't want to start another binding as my finger hurt - the orange I used to bind the blue & orange piece was quite thick and required extra pushing - and before you leap in with suggestions, I just can't work with a thimble - never have been able to - they drive me potty). Almost done with the little house - the windows to fill next, and then on to the snow on the ground and the big tree before I finally get to do the boxes around the border. Still, it's coming. Next week I should think there will be less progress due to all the binding, though I do intend to do some each night, just not as much...


Ann J said...

Glad to read I'm not the only one who suffers from 'thimble-phobia' Kate!!...Luv AJ

black bear cabin said...

i have never been able to get the hang of thimbles either...i even thought of trying those ones that are soft leather...but i use my finger to feel thru the fabric to make sure i dont stitch all the way i dont think that would work for me either.
your little cross stitch looks cute...sorry to hear you will be losing your Mondays...but the Yoga will be energizing! :)

Angelcat said...

Well you certainly made the most of your last Monday sew day! I never used to be able to use a thimble but had to give it another go when I was doing hand quilting on my sampler quilt a couple of years ago as my finger was very sore, now I can't work without one. I'm turning into a wuss in my old age, lol!