Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just a tease

Ok, this is not a very exciting photo - but today I worked on a block for Helen for the birthday block swap - and as I know she reads this blog fairly regularly and as I know she prefers not to see things before she receives them, this is just a wee peek at the block, which I shall finish embellishing (another tease) tonight and then get in the post tomorrow or Tuesday. When I know she's had it (shouldn't be long - she's in the UK as well) I will show the whole thing. I will say that the block has an African theme and involves applique - neither of these things will ruin the surprise for Helen as she requested appliqued African themed blocks! As you can probably tell from this photo, I have used machine applique. Beyond that, I shall give no further clues!


Unknown said...

Hmm- I am duly teased! Is that I wonder a leg and a skirt? Love the fabric anyway.

mumzy said...

Love the fabric and I am really teased and anxious to see the finished product.

Penny said...