Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summery things

A couple of things today - first, a block to accompany the ATWQB block from yesterday - I decided the best way to tackle the odd size (12" unfinished) was to make a 9" block and put a border on which could be cut to any size. The other thing I worked on today isn't actually the flipflops, which is the block I receved from Toni for the Blogger's Round Robin, but I am not allowed to show the 5x4" piece (the flipflops are 4" square) which I added. We are all showing our centres, though, so I can show that.

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain (at least, that was the forecast before the start of the weekend); if that turns out to be true, I hope to have quite a lot of sewing to show!


Clare said...

I love the flip flops. Truly summer.

wonderwoman said...

great blocks - the flipflops are brilliant!
it was supposed to rain here too but it was baking hot instead! so not much sewing done!


hpauslon ;~ said...

The flip flop is so cool. I my self would love to do something like that myself. Flip flops are aweseome